Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay, Donald...the Right Move

Wow, Donald Trump made a smart move amidst "politically incorrect" unrest. He just chose NOT to remove Carrie Prejean as Miss California amidst the controversy of her no-gay-marriage stance. Good for you Donald. I mean I expected him to follow suit of the attack on Prejean, an attack that was only waged because of her conservative Christian views, no matter what the media tries to say. Yes, it is a shame that she succombed to pressure and did photos in her underware last year...something EVERY single model is pressured to do in their career. I will tell you though the ONLY reason those pictures were tracked down and published was because they had a smear campaign on this young girl after she was ambushed with a loaded question and answered it according to her Christian views...this was/is a spiritual battle this young girl is under.

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