Saturday, May 2, 2009

Depth in Unlikely Places

I was already a huge fan of the book Same Kind of Different as Me. That book shocked, convicted, inspired and moved me. If you haven't read it yet, go out today and pick up a copy. You will fall in love with "Ms. Debbie" and you will be utterly inspired at the depth of Denver and impressed with the honesty and human-ness of Ron.

Yesterday Ron Hall and Denver Moore came and spoke live at First Friday to about 2000 ladies. Ron is a humorous, honest, engaging, & dynamic speaker who had us at the edge of our seats the entire time. He brought Denver up at the end of his talk to sing for us and share for a few moments. Though his speech at times mumbles together and is hard to understand, every single word is such incredible depth & wisdom it is shocking that he has never been able to read or write and has never spent a day in school. Clearly this man hears from God--he speaks truth.

Okay so if you know nothing about the book, here's my review I wrote when I first read it, so some of the above will make more sense.

You must read this book. You will be humbled, encouraged, challenged and heart broken as you read this gripping true story of three very different people with more in common that you can imagine. Have you ever felt worthless? Ever wrestled with prejudice or apathy? Or have you felt you were better than someone? Come on now, haven't we all at some level felt all of these feelings at one time or other? Read SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME. It will show you the world from another's eyes. You'll see how we lose out for judging others so quickly, no matter their race, social status or gender! SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME is the true story of Ron Hall, a wealthy art dealer, his precious wife Debbie Hall and Denver Moore, a homeless man who never had a chance in life--not even a chance to go to school. They meet up when Ron's wife Debbie begs him to join her in volunteering at a homeless shelter. My oh my, we all have so much to learn. Ever think God was a respecter of persons? Then read this book and think again. If you ever wondered how God can use you, even if you feel you are worthless or unimportant, then read this book. Denver Moore may have been an uneducated homeless man, but God loves him and has/had a specific plan for his life from the day he was born...a plan bigger than he could have ever dreamed! God has used him to change me. Thank you Denver and Ron for sharing your story. Thank you Debbie for living your life free from regrets! May I take your challenge and live every day of my life as though it was my last, no matter the circumstance. Read the story of Ron, Debbie and Denver and change your life today!

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