Friday, February 13, 2009

Faith of Our Father and The Bachelor

The latest episode of ABC's The Bachelor was the "meet the parents" episode of the season. 4 ladies got to bring Jason home to be checked out to see if he was son-in-law material. Each season there appears to be one bachelorette who has strong faith in Jesus or has a parent filled with faith, and this season was no different, although I was a little surprised to see which one. Naomi did not exactly come across as a bachelorette of faith. But when we met her family -- both her mom and her dad -- I saw why. Her mother is a reincarnation, new age, anyway to heaven kinda gal. Her father is a devout follower of Jesus Christ. I was so proud of him for sharing his faith so eloquently on national TV (he obviously knew the cameras were rolling). Naomi has faith in God, but I'm not sure how close she is to Jesus. Jason revealed he doesn't have a background of faith and it's not a part of his life.

As a relationship coach, I felt bad for Naomi as she is quite niave as many of my young coaching clients are at love. After elimination she went on to say that perhaps should have discussed faith early on in her relationship with Jason but all that really matters in any relationship is that you love each other and then everything else will work out. NO IT WON'T. Wake up and face the divorce rate. There is so much MORE to love than chemical attraction and feelings of love. No matter how much you THINK you love each other, if you do not have common bonds on the important areas of your life, then there will not be a happy ending. You can pretend there will be but you will soon enough realize you were wrong.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you GA's & RAs!

Kids from across the country have been sending birthday cards to my 8 year old son Matthew. He is LOVING every minute of it and cherishing each and every card that appears in our mailbox and inbox on my computer. He LOVES being a missionary kid to Hollywood. Every time another letter shows up he says "I love being famous for loving Jesus!" Thank you so much GAs and RAs! Even though I can't write back to each and every one of you personally, please know that your cards have been so appreciated to a young boy who loves God and loves to tell his friends about Jesus. Keep praying for us and keep praying for your favorite stars in Hollywood! And hey, the Jonas Brothers just moved 3 miles away from us so my kids are on the look out for them for you. Thought you would enjoy that bit of news.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You CAN Reach Victory

Wow, these times are tough. This recession we are in is touching every corner of America from Hollywood to Manhattan, Chicago to Dallas, Christians to non-believers. On Friday I spoke at an event that is very special to my heart called FIRST FRIDAY. It's a monthly event we invite women throughout my community near Dallas/Fort Worth airport. It's real talk about real life for real women. Normally I'm the emcee of this event that draws over 400 monthly. This month I was the speaker sharing about my life in Hollywood and, keeping with the Valentine's theme, offering the secrets of how to consistantly experience love during the highs and lows of life and relationships. What a drama I had in the 2 weeks leading up to the event. I mean I had turmoil with a capital T! In the midst of my melt downs and anxiety, God met me and Gave me a new message which I shared at FIRST FRIDAY as well as on THELMA & FRIENDS the new TV show where I'm a recurring guest (think The View meets Women of Faith). The message God gave me is simply to REACH! Reach Up, Reach Over and Reach Out every day and especially everytime you're struggling. I LIVE this daily and I lived this throughout my two weeks of drama leading up to my event. A simple to remember action plan you all can follow...

1. REACH UP (call out to God) He sees you and He loves you. Read Psalm 139! During my
melt down this week I grabbed my dog and walked around the pond. For the 1st time in life I cried out to God “come on now, is this REALLY real or have I been investing my life in a scam?Are you really there, Lord?” IMMEDIATELY God answered. He REMINDED me of verses all that he's brought me through. And as I gazed on that still pond I remember Psalm 23--"He leads me besides still waters and he restores my soul." My soul was restored. Reach out to God. He's real!

2. REACH OVER (turn to your trusted friends for encouragement) In the midst of my drama, I called my trusted dear friend & co-author Karen Covell, and she lifted me up and let me know it was going to be okay. I REACHED OVER for help and was lifted up.

3. REACH OUT (reach out to your friends in need). I called a friend driving to chemo who just lost her hair over the weekend. Take yourself out of your crisis and jump over to help someone else. No matter WHAT you're going through, someone in your life ALWAYS has it worse and needs your help!

Reach Up, Reach Over and Reach Out and you will live a life of victory.