Thursday, January 22, 2009

You just never know WHEN, but He's Working with HIS Plan

I must admit, again, God is just hilarious. In the midst of tough times and frustrations and wondering am I doing everything I'm supposed to be doing, God goes and shows up at the most inopportune moments and surprises me. Last Fall, the day I was diagnosed with Shingles ON MY FACE (yes, indeed I wallowed in a tiny bit of self pity for my less than glamorous appearance) I was contacted by MTV who wanted me to be a guest dating expert on one of their new shows "SEX...with Mom and Dad" which I of course did, Shingles and all offering up my very opinionated, conservative (and proven to work, by the way) relationship advice on national TV. Six months later, today, again God throws a precious opportunity on my lap when I wasn't prepared, and at a moment when I was once again frustrated and wondering am I meeting the needs of my audience? Am I making a difference anywhere? Am I hearing correctly or am I totally off track. I was invited by a friend to be in the small studio audience of her new TV show she was hosting. I'm such a fan of this amazing woman of God and her latest book--Wow it's powerful and deep--so I was of course going to be there. But I showed up early this morning dressed as I would dress for a studio audience member--business casual, average makeup and no frills on the hairstyle (to say the least). When I arrived...well not then, but rather 2 minutes before taping...I realized I wasn't in the studio audience, I was one of the 5 recurring guests sitting on the couch with her as part of her new show. I just had to laugh because I was not dressed with TV savvy. You should have seen my shoes! And my makeup was far from camera ready, and yet here I was (without Shingles this time) once again given a fun opportunity to reach and expand my audience with hope and skills to make better choices in love and life so they can live the life they've always wanted and God has planned for them.

I'm so thrilled we serve a God who is always at work even when we are clueless and whining and unprepared. Because even when we don't think we are are ready, HE is. And even when we don't.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Met My Husband at the Golden Globes

Sunday was the 66th annual Golden Globe Awards. For 17 consecutive years I attended those awards--which by far are the most fun and glamourous evening Hollywood has to offer. They're even better than the Academy Awards because the show takes place in one ballroom where the stars begin with a cocktail party mingling with all their fellow stars and agents, producers, directors and colleagues. then sit down to their formal dining seats as the show begins. All who attend are free to approach and chat with any and every celebrity they have the nerve to approach. Security is tight, but once you're past the red-carpet you are cleared to mingle. I have many fond memories of chatting with everyone from Tom Cruise, Don Johnson, Sally Field, Kevin Costner, even Bette Davis on her last appearance before her death! I especially remember the 53rd annual Golden Globes as that was the night I met my husband. He was in town on business and just happen to be staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel where the awards are held. We met in the lobby and before you knew it he had back stage passes, tickets to the after-party and my home phone number. Exactly 2 years later we were married in a fairy tale ceremony at the Crystal Cathedral, I retired from my agent career, and become a Hollywood Careers Coach and missionary.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do We Need to Be FIRST to Matter?

Happy 2009! I hope that this is an exciting year that brings you good things despite any challenges you may be facing in this current economy.

I just was emailed a new website from a friend and was VERY impressed. It's called "I Am Second" and shares amazing stories from people you may know, including American Idol finalist Jason Castro from the 2008 season. Check it out and see how the lives of these individuals have meaning by being 2nd rather than 1st.