Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Perfect Gift for Every American

I just finished reading THE AMERICAN PATRIOT'S BIBLE "the Word of God and the Shaping of America". I didn't know what to expect and at first I was skeptical thinking "hey, are they going to try and analyze every prophecy in the Bible and trying and say it's all about America. But that IS NOT what this book is about at all. Instead it is a prolific Study Bible that includes history and notes throughout every page revealing our spiritual heritage in AMERICA and how the Bible openly and unapologetically formed our American values and uniqueness among nations. I was blown away by how often our Presidents throughout our history have not only acknowledged the necessity of the Bible but also quoted from it often! If you are an American, rush out and get this Bible and see what America really used to be about instead of what it has become in the last few years. Every student, parent, soldier and citizen should read the inspiring TRUE, FACTUAL and TRACEABLE accounts of our spiritual heritage and editor Dr. Richard G. Lee has passionately put it in one volume within the pages of this special Study Bible with authentic quotes straight from our history pages. As you can see, I truly LOVED THIS BOOK!

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  1. While the Bible itself is a good reference to Scripture for reflection, sometimes there are readings that are hard to compare to a real situation.. It is a good thing then that there are Bible commentary books created to explain things. I think this one will have its place in this category and will provide fruitful commentaries. Thanks for sharing.

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